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"The challenge of work-life balance, is without question the most significant struggles faced by modern man" - Stephen Covey

Achieving Work/Life Balance

For many people, they find themselves torn between their personal and professional lives. Many clients have said that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything they need to do!


This could involve staying late or getting in early, just to try and fit it all in at work. At the other end, there’s the family, friends and social life, that often get neglected, or only little quality time is spent here.


The wonderful world of modern day technology means we are accessible 24/7 on either the phone/ text/ or email and it’s even harder to switch off! Making our professional and personal lives blend into one!

Do you ever feel….

  • You’re always tired and have trouble sleeping;

  • You're waking up in the middle of the night checking your phone;

  • You’re making mistakes at work and worried about your performance;

  • You’re neglecting your family and friends, due to long working hours;

  • You’re lacking energy or drive, there’s no time to exercise, RELAX or have fun!


A Life Coach can support you in achieving a balance that works for you and your family and help you develop and implement work and life strategies, which will meet your needs and goals. If the balance is “right” in the different areas of your life, then not only will you feel happier and more positive, but have a more enjoyable life!

"It's all about tweaking life long habits and creating new positive ones"

Rock Balancing
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