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"In reality all mums are working mums and all mums are deserving of respect and support"

Maternity Transition Coaching 


Starting a family is on one of the biggest life changing events in any womans' life. Therefore, what it means at work is even more significant. For many women the first three months can be the most stressful, as breaking the news of their pregnancy to their employer can sometimes be difficult. Many do not know what the reaction of their employers will be and questions may arise such as:

  • Who will I hand over to?

  • How will my employer react if I take sick days?

  • Will my job be here when I get back?

  • What will happen if I decide to come back part-time?

  • What if I ask for flexible working?

  • How will my life change?

A life coach can help manage the practical and emotional aspects of the parenting transition, in a way that also enables you to develop in your career, post maternity or paternity. Communication will be the key factor and will be critical to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

One Survey ..……

…by “Mothers Mean Business” found that 7 in 10 mothers returned to work part-time after having children, as a result – 8 felt there was a definite limit to their career options. More than half of women who re-join the workforce say they feel disadvantaged compared to their peers and 56% say they struggle to work at the same level, according to recruiters Robert Walters. Another survey showed just how mothers’ careers suffer when they return to work. “In a market where the competition for top talent is increasingly fierce, employers cannot afford to risk alienating women who return to the work force” says Sally Martin, Director of Robert Walters.

A Life coach can help you..

- Plan and prepare your Maternity Leave

- Help prepare you to 'hit the ground running' confidently upon your return to work.

- Understand the needs and concerns of returning to work 

- Balancing home and work-life

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