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“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” Jack Dixon

Weight Loss/Health

Whilst trying to strike the right lifestyle balance, two of the most important areas of life which is often neglected – is that of personal well-being, which can include weight management and leading a more healthier lifestyle. Nowadays, the temptation of leading a sedentary lifestyle is all around us. We spend hours in front a computer all day, snacking unnecessarily, then go home to sit in front of the TV to eat dinner and not really think about what we are eating. All these factors added up, means mores digits on the weighing scales!

Telling someone they NEED to lose weight for health reasons or NEED to exercise more, can often have the reverse effect! That's why a life coach will "listen" to the client and by asking the right questions, instead of instructing them, will help them prepare for change. 

How I can help YOU:

- I can help clarify, direct and support you in identifying small and simple changes that will promote weight loss;

- I can help you to achieve your end goal;

- I can help you find the motivation and direction you may be lacking;

- Together we will agree on a realistic weight loss plan

- I can help you identify the habits you need to break, to make way for a "new you"

To kick start the Weight Loss Coaching programme you will fill in a short questionnaire which I will send across to you. This will determine your starting point and help me understand your mindset.

RESULTS you can expect from Focused Weight loss Coaching:

- Keep the weight permanently off and keep away from Yo-yo dieting

- Understand what causes you to comfort eat and eliminate it!

- Discover ways of keeping you fitter and enjoy the activity you choose!

- Enjoy eating more healthier foods and kick bad habits away!

- Feel more energy and enthusiasm in your life

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