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    "I found the entire experience with Roo very beneficial...."

....The Coaching resulted in noticable changes in my attitude and behaviour. After deliberating over whether or not to take coaching sessions, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. With the support of Roo, I was able to uncover and deal with many longstanding issue, I've noticed a huge difference in my ability to cope with life's difficulties...Thank you Roo for your tremendous support and attention . You were instrumental in assisting me in my moving forward and development. I look forward to continuing working with you......  N Patel - London

"Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me and understand me..."


....when I was experiencing anxiety issues that were affecting me physically and mentally.  You listened and understood everything and helped guide me to solutions and achievable small steps in the right direction.  Through the coaching I was not aware that I was finding achievable easy solutions as my thoughts were so fogged in anxiety.    I believe coaching helped me on the path to getting myself and my thoughts back....  Nicki - London

"The way you conducted the call made it feel quite relaxed and therefore could really open up quickly...."


....this is the biggest hurdle. I felt psychologically cushioned and coaching opened up my thinking.

The ease with which you helped me talk about issues that have had a deep impact on me. Your calm and fluid manner of communication, raised my confidence levels in very little time. Your encouraged me without any sense of pushiness. Bhavini - Leicester

"I was amazed how easy it was for me to open up...."


....I could have continued for hours and I think that is a reflection on Roomana and her skill as a coach.  I felt immediately comfortable and knew that I was speaking with someone who understood and had previous experience of the issues. Roo bought listening, empathy and understanding through experience to the session.... Karen - London

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