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"If you want something - go for it! If you need help getting there...ask for it! "Anonymous

How can I help you?

You may be thinking…



Or you may be confused or stuck…….


You may have reached a point in your career or personal life where you could do with some guidance in making the right decision?


Do you wish you had more confidence?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or depressed?

Are you looking to go back to work after having a baby?

Has your role/job changed at work, now you are back after having a baby?

Are you finding the pressures of work and home life too stressful?


If you have answered yes to anyone of the above or have any another concern which may be bothering you, which you would like to cover, then as your life coach, I can help you find a solution.


I can help you feel assured and confident, so that you can regain control of your life.

Coaching will take you on a journey of discovery about yourself. It will allow you to explore areas of your mind which you perhaps never have. Through a powerful and effective conversation, you will be able to express your thoughts and emotions. I will listen to you attentively and ask you effective questions, to help you gain clarity, which will in turn, lead to help find the solution to your goals.


By having coaching sessions with me, you will feel empowered to make the changes in your life, understand yourself and your true desires, achieve your full potential so that you can create the perfect balance within your life.

As your Life coach I will …


 Help you create more focus and direction in your life;

 Shift your energy from a negative to a positive state;

 Have an effective discussion with you regarding your concerns or ideas;

 Help you identify ways in which to increase your confidence and raise your self esteem

 Assist you in the Maternity Transitional period through leaving and returning to work

Orange Blossom
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