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"Imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do" Brian Tracy

What is life Coaching


A life coach is essentially someone who through a series of conversations and mutually confidential and respectful dialogue, which is aimed at being solution focused, helps to empower a person to achieve and exceed goals, in both their personal and professional lives.  Life coaching sessions can help you discover and unlock your potential for reaching your personal and career related goals at a faster pace, then perhaps you would do on your own.

The majority of the answers to a particular problem or issue and the options available to the coachee, can only be found by the coachee themselves.  The life coach’s role is to ask the right questions and probe the coachee into arriving at their own conclusions. 

Facts about Life Coaching

  • Life coaching can help with finding happiness, deal with stressful life events, help implement life skills to overcome challenging issues, help with dealing with anxiety and help with leading a healthier lifestyle.

  • Life coaching can help identify the barriers which could be preventing you from moving forward and help create clarity within a specific issue.

  • All sessions with the coach are confidential.

  • As a Life coach, the sessions will focus on moving you forward, it won’t necessarily look at the past to where all the pain or negativity started. I will work with you to formulate new outcomes and support you whilst you create your new goals.

  • Life coaching is about helping clients feel they are equipped to deal with areas of their lives, which they have not yet dealt with.

  • "Coaching is a partnership that empowers people to take ownership for their own development". (John Borland - Coaching in the Great Unknown

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