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Hi, I’m Roo Hussain and thanks for visiting my website – “Firm Value Coaching” – welcome!

Have you ever felt like the world is on your shoulders, your mind is saturated with a million different thoughts whizzing around your brain, you feel pressured by life’s stresses and anxieties? Do you feel like you want to press “Pause” for just one moment and hear yourself think?  Perhaps you’ve reached a crossroad in your career path and you feel that you deserve more than you give yourself credit for?


Maybe now is the right time to make that change to your professional or personal life.


For some, change can be challenging or scary, but by connecting with me I can help you achieve the confidence to explore and unleash the full potential within you, so that you can lead a more fulfilling and successful life!


VALUES  form an integral part of who we are, they are the core of what leads us to make certain choices and ultimately what drives and motivates us. VALUES guide our decisions and as you move through life, values can change. For example, a new career change can be measured by money or status which can become your top priority, but after you have a family, work - life balance may then be what you value more.


I believe we all have the power to make a change in our lives and take that first step in the right direction, which leads to a new "YOU".

By connecting with me today you can:

  • Remove – the fears of stress and anxiety from within your daily life!

  • Open your mind to unlock creative new thinking!

  • Own and create the perfect balance in your work and personal life that’s right for you!

Roo Hussain

Life Coach Consultant

" What an experience! I would definitely recommend Life Coaching...."

... I didn't know what to expect when I started my sessions with Roo, but she really did transform my way of thinking. She helped kick start my healthy eating plan and motivated me to change my lifestyle!

Saila- London

Sunset in the Woods

"Where could your path lead to ?

Are you ready to make the change THIS YEAR?"

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